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Carborundum Grinding Wheel

Carborundum Grinding Wheel Company can trace its origins from the Carborundum Company chartered under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania in September of 1891. Operations at that time were located in Monongahela City, Pennsylvania. Carborundum at that time manufactured products from the newly invented abrasive invented by Dr. Edward Goodrich Acheson and marketed under the trademark of CARBORUNDUM, which name was gradually applied to all the products of The Carborundum Company.

In 1956 a manufacturing facility specifically designed for the production of high quality, resin bonded grinding wheels was opened in Logan, Ohio. In 1984 Carborundum Grinding Wheel Company grew out of the roots of this manufacturing facility when it came under private ownership. This is the current location where resin, shellac, epoxy and rubber abrasive wheels are manufactured using the same tooling, processes and expertise to produce high quality grinding wheels.