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åtto Abrasives Limited

åtto Abrasives Limited, a leading manufacturer of rubber bonded precision abrasives, was established in 1994 and provides customized abrasive solutions to a global market. With manufacturing facilities in Wexford, Ireland and Tijuana, Mexico, together with Sales offices in Wexford, Ireland & California, USA, our customers’ requirements are met in a timely & cost effective manner.

As an independent manufacturer, we can offer you a product that is optimised to match your exact needs. Our team of industry specialists provide a complete in-house service, including product development, prototype testing and full scale manufacture. We develop & manufacture our products using advanced bonding systems, including rubber, resin & polymer bonds. In partnership with our customers, we continue to create & manufacture pioneering abrasive solutions for a growing range of applications including: precision burr free cutting; medical device; aerospace; automotive; tool manufacture; bearing manufacture and cutlery.